I was a very sick diabetic waiting for a pancreas transplant when I met Kathryn Ryan. She was able to relieve my continuous abdominal cramping and severe headaches with the use of acupuncture. Kathryn’s work had a huge impact on controlling my life-threatening blood sugar fluctuations long enough for a transplant to become available. I couldn’t have endured that year without her help. – Moira L., La Honda

I have been happily seeing Kathryn for over 10 years. She has treated me for constipation problems, arthritis in the hip and knees, degenerative disc disease in my lower back and pain-free wrinkles in my face. But, the most important challenge for me was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. I asked my oncologist (and received her approval) if it were ok for me to see my acupuncturist during chemotherapy. The treatment I received from Kathryn helped me get through my cancer treatments without any setbacks. I am so very grateful for Kathryn’s knowledge about acupuncture and also her caring nature. She is the best! – Chris C., Palo Alto

Since 1999, I have been benefiting from acupuncture with Kathryn Ryan, which has dramatically improved my over-all health in so many ways.  It still amazes me how much it relaxes me even during the most stressful times in my life.  Equally amazing is how it significantly relieves my symptoms with allergies, digestion, joint/muscle pain, and menopause.  Kathryn’s extensive knowledge and impressive skills have been a godsend to my health problems when “mainstream” medicine was not doing enough.  I have also tried the Acutron Facial Treatment and treated a friend for her birthday.  This was a much deeper rejuvenation for our faces, as well as our minds, than any day-spa we’ve experienced! – Patty M., La Honda

I’ve been a timber faller, a bull rider, I’ve cowboyed for a living for 15 years. I’ve been in pain for every bit of 20 years. Since being referred to Kathryn 2 years ago, I’ve been relatively pain-free. And in the first 3 months, lost 35 pounds because I could start exercising again. I would (and do) highly recommend Kathryn to many people in strenuous jobs such as mine. And just people in pain. –Derek Z., La Honda

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